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We have the experience and network of forwarders and key operators to satisfy our customer's and supplier's logistical requirements, from source of supply to final destination.

We are able to arrange all modes of transport to meet your needs. Whether by rail, ocean going vessel or road, we have the personnel to handle truck deliveries from small quantities of steel coils up to bulk cargo deliveries.

All domestic and international transport of steel products can be arranged as well as insurance, storage and inspection services.


General Cargo Ships are ships carrying various types of cargo, usually in small batches - sacks, boxes, boxed or on wheels vehicles, newsprint reels, rods, barrels, drums, etc. It has rectangular openings in covers and main deck cargo loading hatches calls, where the cargo is loaded to be stowed in the covers and holds. The load is hoisted or lowered from the pier to board or vice versa by the ship's equipment (load or sticks and cranes) or existing in the port.

Bulk Ships are ships for the transport of large quantities of bulk cargo: corn, wheat, soybeans, iron ore, etc. They are characterized by long main deck where the only highlight are the basements.

Container Ships are cargo ships that carry all of their load in truck-size intermodal containers, in a technique called containerization. They are a common means of commercial intermodal freight transport and now carry most seagoing non-bulk cargo.

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